Aerobatic Aircraft

Zlin Z-526 AFS Akrobat D-EWQC / D-EWQL

The Zlin Z-526 AFS is a single-seat aerobatic aircraft of the famous czech manufacturer Zlin and is almost exclusively used for aerobatic demonstrations and competitions. The low-wing all-metal construction with fabric-covered side has a retractable landing gear, the wheels can be pulled halfway into the wings. The airplane is driven by a suspended six-cylinder in-line fuel injection engine Walter Avia M137A with 180 hp and automatic Propeller.

Specifications: Zlin Z-526 AFS Akrobat

Wing span 8,84 m   Powerplant Walter Avia M137A
Length 7,80 m   Power 132 kW / 180 PS
Height 2,10 m   Maximum speed 300 km/h
Wing area 13,81 m²   Cruise speed 225 km/h
Empty weight 604 kg   Rate of slimb 8,0 m/s
Max Takeoff Weight 740 kg   Service ceiling 5800 m
Crew 1   Endurance 360 km
Passengers -      

Zlin Z-226T Trener D-EWIA

The Zlin Z-226T Trener is a training aircraft of the Czechoslovakian manufacturer Zlin (Moravan), which is mainly used for aerobatic training. The agile, low-wing airplane consists of a welded tubular steel frame with metal covering above and below and on the wings. On the side, the airplane is fabric covered. The two-seater taildragger has a fixed gear.

Specifications: Zlin Z-226T Trener

Wing span 10,30 m   Powerplant Walter Minor 6-III
Length 7,50 m   Power 118 kW / 160 PS
Height 2,10 m   Maximum speed 300 km/h
Wing area 14,90 m²   Cruise speed 195 km/h
Empty weight 570 kg   Rate of climb 5,5 m/s
Max takeoff weight 820 kg   Service ceiling 5000 m
Crew 1+1   Endurance 480 km
Passengers (1)