Michael Storek

Michael Storek, born in 1979, is currently the youngest team member - and may still have to refer to more than 900 flight hours. The passionate glider pilot began at the age of 14 years with the gliding training. 2003 was followed by the engine flight training, 2006 aerobatics. Since 2011, the native of Gera now also worked as a flight instructor and flying with Dieter Geipel an excellent aerobatics formation display.

Jens Bergner

Jens Bergner is professionally encountered on the other side of the radio. The Flight Controller, born 1972, began his flying career with gliders and trained over the years in order to powered flight. In 2006 he crowned his personal career with the acquisition of aerobatic flying. Since then he's a team member of the Aero Gera Aerobatic Team.

Peter Künast

Peter Künast is a team member since 2010. His aeronautical resume began in 2006 with the engine flight training. 2010 has been extended by the aerobatic rating. Starting 2012, Peter is now also a flight instructor.

Ronny Mehnert

Ronny Mehnert is the newcomer of the Aero Gera Aerobatic Team and team member since the beginning of 2012. He started the engine flight training in 2009 and became 2012 the aerobatic rating.